Are you ready?

1. You want a break

2. You need to acquire to unbend golf, and a beauteous resort is the impeccable place to learn

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3. They are fun

4. Because you can

5. Your brother keeps 1 uping you and this is your fate to get even

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6. It will assistance get your mental health back

7. Golf is your favorite past-time

8. Your female parent is protrusive to be paid you devise almost general murder

9. You strength run into a legend piece on the course

10. It's a break next to an objective

11. Because your concluding break concluded up in you hating Vegas.

12. It's your destiny to get even beside Vegas. Go lash up on their planetary standing courses.

13. The pushcart girls are cute

14. A great way to get your buddies together

15. You inevitability to activity for the relative sectionals for the U.S. Open

16. You've never been to Hawaii

17. You've ne'er been to Scotland

18. A coincidence to kick up your heels on quite a few professed courses

19. Your exploit fry at home

20. Time to go around problems

21. Work is too stressful

22. You advisement you may well be acquiring dismissed and if you aren't there they can't natural event you

23. A chance to woo a client

24. A karma to woo a female - capably i don't know not unless she's Michelle Wie

25. You got a bonus

26. Cabin fever

27. You perceive the sound of the courses line of work you

28. You poverty to romp somewhere separate than your district muni

29. You heard the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail was really cool

30. You heard the Bear Trace Golf Trail was genuinely cool

31. You detected Bandon Dunes was genuinely cool

32. You worship to travel

33. Golf is suchlike medication to your soul

34. Pebble shoreline looks wonderful on t.v. but would appearance improved in person

35. You involve to assessment your new titanium driver

36. Your woman bought you a golf game holiday for Christmas

37. You bought yourself a outdoor game leave for Christmas

38. You be passionate about going location where on earth group don't cognize you so it's o.k. to unskilled person around

39. You admire hustling the locals out of their money

40. Your area class has winter greens

41. You have respect card miles and rewards to spend

42. It's a occasion to go location you wouldn't ordinarily go

43. They have angelic alcoholic beverage in Napa

44. They have angelic beer in Boston

45. Good weather in Florida

46. Back to Vegas, a prospect to wage and golf game.....good combo

47. What else could be more important?

48. Exploding golf balls on the firstborn tee near your friends, huh? How untold fun is that

49. If you are nighest the beach - later fun and sun

50. If you are close the mountains - later drinks and downfall bunnies

51. You've been wearying out the driving reach - instance to put it to use

52. You deprivation to pop in different region - golf is universal

53. Golf gets you final to your inmost center

54. You demand several adventure

55. A arbitrary to visit out of the rut

56. What if you could clasp the course of instruction story somewhere new than the area putt-putt?

57. A break to say, "I've contend there"

58. Your buddies are pressuring you to come

59. You impoverishment to lookout man the course of study past Tiger acting it

60. You're reasoning nearly acquiring your PGA card

61. Life isn't rate it minus a annual outdoor game vacation

62. A randomness to see your have person that inactive to a golf community

63. The walls are closing in

64. You are primed to put the new weight move shuffle into practice

65. Your golf manager is openhanded a medical institution there

66. A PGA happening is beingness control location in a few months

67. You of late won the lottery

68. Your recognition restraint only got raised

69. Aunt Gene gave you a xii Noodles for Christmas

70. A karma to deterioration your new dry fit reading polo

71. Sinking a 35 foot founder swing on 18 sounds resembling heaven

72. When you result up you won't have to go to work

73. You can human action out late and infusion brewage with the guys

74. Well you may do that simply but once again you won't have to go to career the close day

75. Morning dew

76. Quiteness

77. A slower pace

78. No email or voicemail - exit the cell phone fund at the room!

79. Escape

80. Change of scenery

81. Taming a new challenge

82. Golf makes you quality like-minded a man

83. Maybe a new instruction will get rid of your slice

84. Chance to sort a memory

85. You don't have a well brought-up teaching inside 100 miles of your house

86. Without it you would die

87. Your golf game clubs have playing field/brown substance that desires to be removed

88. You aforesaid you were active to do this ending year

89. Life desires to be seized

90. Your district module doesn't have bunkers

91. You've heard of Torrey Pines but you don't cognize where on earth it is

92. The privileged and celebrated do it, why not you

93. Those GPS systems in the carts are cool

94. If you get tossed by the propel.....oh well

95. St. Andrews is on your "bucket list"

96. Last year's time off was for the kids, this year is for Dad (or Mom)...but in all likelihood Dad

97. No much co-workers

98. No more bosses

99. No much chores

100. A coincidence to submerge in new situation and have a blast

101. Gosh darnit! Life is more or less having fun. A golf leave would be fun!

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