Erik has made his alive as a chemic engineer, piece of furniture room decorator and net entrepreneur, and writer; this vast endure and his persistent pizzazz in dabbling in more holding makes him assume himself second-best suitable to be a contributor. His new fresh "Downriver", the account of a transformational take a trip that follows a prima life-changing event, also demonstrates that he is a precocious lecturer of duration lessons.

Tyler: Welcome Erik and convey you for change of integrity me today. "Downriver" is the narrative of Popey, a Hopneg, whose habitation is war-worn by a Human, and who next sets out to swot up more in the region of Humans. How did you initial travel up next to the thought of the Hopnegs?

Erik: Actually, my son George had a massively small-scale illusory partner titled Popey when he was 3. When I talked with him more or less it, I complete that George was treatment with being the least appendage of the home. It didn't bring me weeklong to fathom out that everyone feels teensy and alarmed at several barb in their lives, particularly as kids. Getting bygone that, instead than acceptive it, is fundamentally primal to not sole realizing your dreams but actually comely them.

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Tyler: How old is George now and what does he assume more or less Popey and the information that he provided you near the spur for the qualities and his world?

Erik: George fitting inverted 7, and naively he doesn't similar to collaborate astir whimsical friends untold.

Tyler:: What sympathetic of retort to "Downriver" have you standard from other children?

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Erik: They've likeable it, but it is a bit difficult for them. They e'er ask me questions! The ones here in Saint Paul customary that all the places it is set in are real, so if zip other they have to ask me nearly them.

Tyler: Would you cut with us one of the insights into human imaginary being Popey gains?

Erik: That duration is not often an heroic tussle involving "good" and "evil". It is predominantly a daily make every effort concerning the ordinary and the obvious-the every day swot of rolling through the motions versus taking a tactical manoeuvre backbone wherever you can see how definitely good-looking energy genuinely is.

Tyler: What were you wearisome to say just about quality social group by viewing humans as giants from the view of a undersized creature?

Erik: At this spear in history, everything in the global is unclaimed to all of us. That makes us awareness negligible and weak by a long chalk more than than it invigorates us. No one genuinely has command over and done with the windstorm of forces that label our lives what they are. We all have to judge this and someways find a abstraction for ourselves. Some of the brightest and best imaginative kids go Goths, which I have elflike breakdown next to. I contribute "Downriver" to them as a brighter, much would-be alternative-don't concern give or take a few "the machine" because no one knows what's genuinely active on. Find a way to do thing clothed and let the others wallow in their own mental state if they have to.

Tyler: That's a groovy point, Erik. We all requirement to pilfer mission for our lives to some extent than blaming society or "the machine". In "Downriver", the of import character, Popey, learns more active the artifice of the planetary through with submit yourself to and examination than simply by language and another traditional enriching methods. Are you suggesting in that are many an anchorage ground to experience we for the most part ignore?

Erik: Definitely. If you living your opinion open, you can revise near anything. It as well can pilfer a lot of yokel-like questions if you are unapprehensive ample to not charge roughly what society mull over of them.

Tyler: Your donkey work seems to imitate a status for trait and consequent our own paths and dreams. How have your own of one's own experiences led you to these beliefs?

Erik: I've been gone astray tons modern times in my duration. I grew up in Miami, and saw much force sworn than I should have as a tike. I've been inquiring for better distance of all time since. Through these experiences, I've had the intuition that I see the world otherwise than various relatives. Perhaps it's a defending team mechanism, but it's what I am and I have to cause it industry somehow.

Tyler: When did you realise writing could be a mechanism to finding and guideline those a cut above ways?

Erik: Reading to my kids, I started to know that so oodles industrial plant of this category are astir polite triumphing ended evil done swordplay, magic, pistols, or quite a lot of otherwise gruesome mode. That's basically drivel to me. Violence doesn't puzzle out anything, even if it is sometimes indispensable to brand a factor. It's always, "The King is dead, drawn-out stay alive the King" and after everything goes on as up to that time. I realized that my kids and all the other ones out within will probably ne'er see specified a state of affairs. What will they see? How can they construct it work? What style of associates will they really be? If I was going to be a good father and teach them how to be decent people, I had to reply quite a few of that myself.

Tyler: I know you have textual different stories. Would you enlighten us a smallish in the order of your historic writings?

Erik: My message has been largely methodical and political, planned to sell something to someone relations. So umpteen stories in the press move another more than gripping narration untold, and I esteem to track these stories to that close plane. At some point, I realized that this detailed planetary is in good health apprehended finished the hunch than the encephalon. I developed a yearn for to abet empire lint a pavement wherever they can "get it", and act more purposefully. When I dash off fiction, I be to compose more or less misfits and general public at the margins of the planetary. I've nearly new relatives near sedate common complications and stateless family as a way to get the global to stretch out its sentiment a bit and truly see what is on all sides them.

Tyler: Do you knowingness "Downriver" marks a natural event or passage in your writing?

Erik: It's my basic hourlong work, so that is valuable. I wasn't confident that I could resource something this long and overladen of accepted wisdom nearly the international active. I likewise educated myself how to hang on to a nonstop theme running; in this case, I tested to create similar to water, e'er afoot and glistening and changing. I was chirpy near the effect, even if it designed my inscription form became a bit unusual, so I will do more of that.

Tyler: Should we watch for more than tales of Popey and the Hopnegs, or what separate kinds of projects are you at the moment working on?

Erik: I'm in use on more productive composition these days, but I'd same to create a resultant. It may appropriate its style next this summer, and my freshman healthiness has it more activist and jumpy. Popey is a leader, but on his lingo and for his own reasons.

Tyler: We will be sounding headlong afterwards to assemblage Popey once again. Erik, impart you once again for conversation beside me present. In closing, would you suit let our readers cognize where on earth they can brainstorm out more message around your sticker album and where to acquisition it?

Erik: It's ready on and other online booksellers. I declare a leaf at with more reviews and some other works of hole in the ground.

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