The decent of the "Hare and Tortoise" chronicle is, Slow and invariable wins the race. If the punished Hare were to competition the tortoise again, would you bet on the tortoise?

I would not. After his defeat, the hare is positive to agnize that he gone the competition due to his own reproach and not because the tortoise was sluggish and steady-going. This case he would not recurrent event the wrong step of attractive a visit from the contest . He would yield a disregard after coating the contest. This would resign from the deprived turtle completely no karma of champion .

Let us analyze this suppression as to why a best race driver resembling him nowhere to be found the contest to a mere turtle . Was it because that the tortoise was SLOW AND STEADY that he mislaid ? No , that was not literal . He straying the race because he did not last part the race and the tortoise did . Had he not interpreted balance and done with the contest , he would have smoothly unsuccessful the Hare . Then , cypher would have said

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Was it because the tortoise had more than upcoming than him ? No . Obviously he had by a long way much forthcoming as far as sport was caught up. The turtle was no friction match . . But all the approaching was of no use because he did not ending the race .

Why did he not full-blown the contest ? If he were athletics in opposition his peers , would he have interpreted a nap ? He took the nap lonesome because he was racing hostile the tortoise . The race was not challenging plenty . That is the judgment he had become content and could not bring forward the influential in him In his skin of the turtle the mental object would genuinely long his abilities and was a excellent stand up against . It brought out the high-grade in him .

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Also , He had agreed for a competition where he had everything to misplace and zilch to addition . Even if he had won the contest he would not have gained thing . He was nonetheless scheduled to win. He had cipher to gain in acknowledgment or laurels or rewards . However when he mislaid to the tortoise he had lost all his honor in one day .

For the turtle , it was the rearward , this competition he had everything to gain and nada to lose . So it was worthy for him to enter upon this competition . If the tortoise had gone astray ,no one would have ridiculed him because he was besides supposed to miss . He became an second hero when he won the contest.

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