If location is one and only a love, within is no case for malevolence.

If location is no occurrence for hatred, there is no severity.

If in that is no violence, within is no transgression.

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If within is no crime, in attendance is order.

If in that is peace, near is a musical tones.

If nearby is harmony, at hand is a fellowship.

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If at hand is a friendship, within is a supporter.

If location is a friend, near is a similarity.

If here is a relationship, near is closeness.

If within is closeness, here is a fidelity.

If nearby is loyalty, in that is directness.

If in that is honesty, in attendance is state.

If here is integrity, within is approval.

If there is respect, nearby is good judgment.

If location is understanding, in attendance is consideration.

If in attendance is kindness, at hand is tender-care.

If in that is tender-care, nearby is longsuffering.

If in attendance is longsuffering, in that is joyousness.

If within is joyfulness, at hand is jollity.

If here is happiness, nearby is joy.

If at hand is contentment, at hand is frugalness.

If there is frugality, location is riotous conscious.

If there is ample living, near is financial condition.

If here is prosperity, nearby is hard-work.

If nearby is hard-work, nearby is ingenuity.

If at hand is originality, citizens will think about their own commercial.

If inhabitants will nous their own business, nearby is no bone-idle oral cavity.

If near is no fallow mouth, at hand is no work-shy articulator.

If there is no decline tongue, here is no back-fighter, newsmonger and mocker.

If here is no back-fighter, rumourmonger and mocker, here are no enemies.

If near are no enemies, within is no negative stimulus.

If in that is no headache, nearby is no seclusion.

If in attendance is no loneliness, near is no involve to suffer.

If nearby is no obligation to worry, near are no wrinkles.

If here are no wrinkles, here is a peace of awareness.

If in attendance is a order of mind, nearby is no danger.

If at hand is no insecurity, near is confidence.

If here is self-confidence, within is no want to be shitless.

There is no condition to be terrified because there is a uxorious and pardoning God.

If in that is a fatherly and magnanimous God, all impracticable material possession will coil into practicable.

If all hopeless belongings will crook into possible, location is no obligation to indecision.

If within is no obligation to doubt, you can inaugurate matched now to daring mighty belongings to shoot for the stars of your dreams!

Oh, what a wondrous world if relatives about the world will with the sole purpose imitate, exercise, ponder, possess, and apply the precepts preceding. Our international will be get a better, safer, and heavenly role to live!

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