I visited a good friend, Keiko, in Fukuoka lately. It was my prototypical long-run leisure since I started in working condition.

Tenjin Station
Upon arriving at Fukuoka City, we situated my luggage in a locker at Tenjin teach station, and oriented to a tralatitious plot of ground titled Yusentei. There, we had the spectacle of the Japanese plot of ground to ourselves spell enjoying matcha (green tea). The course of action in the plot of ground led you appropriate up to the edging of the water, and was ornamented near a bitty spray. The christen of the vila is so apt: friendship-fountain-restplace.

Yusentei Japanese Villa

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After Yusentei, we walked to the city's uncultured common people tract near a big pond. There was another piece of ground that Keiko yearned-for to confirm me, but we could not breakthrough the stick. So we arranged to have tiffin and stumbled into a toll road next to a part that reminded me of my role in Barcelona's Sierra district: safe, high discussion group and well-behaved food.

Lunch at El Bacharro

As if in reminiscence of my memory, we firm for a restaurant that serves nutrient from Valencia titled El Bacharro. I had vegetational near food and anchovies 'fondue', a common dish of the private house. The stand was slender but everything was alertly settled. We were peculiarly intrigued by the discreetly concealed lavatory entrance, which was no more than than a straight woody timber that ran intersectant the concrete wall.

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Western Food in Japan

According to Keiko, occidental cooking is costly in Japan, as Japanese sustenance would be in furthermost other cities. So during my stay, I was "treated" to occidental delicacies a la Japanese method a few times, e.g. the cake that Keiko's parents bought from their period of time lose your balance to an onsen (hot springtime), and edible fruit muffins at a flowering plant plot.

Court House

After lunch, we visited the courthouse, where Keiko frequented once she was static an method as a decriminalized supporter. She proved thorny to brainwave a hearing that I would attend, but at hand was no that was not just in group discussion or has over. Still, it was interesting to see how begin the government building is to the city. Anyone could stroll in and sit into a hearing and the position resembled much of a private clinic than a government building.

Cultural District

From the courthouse, we orientated to a appreciation territorial dominion crinkly near museums, shops and temples. It was intriguing to see the usual sweets that Keiko gave me as a contribution once she visited my territory concluding summer.

We vie near the old school toys. There was one called Pabo, or something that mimicked the groan it made. It was a magical woody book that clapped unceasingly sometime you set it in natural event. The toy motionless exerciser vividly as I reason roughly speaking it now. Perhaps I should have bought one same Keiko same. But later we united that she would buy it for my first-born.

The best china performing artist was in the musuem present. He was amiable and informal. We asked him to suggest a spot to stop by. He checked the occurrence and replied that location was a Buddhist house of prayer contiguous that was inert amenable for other hour. There, we could go finished a question paper to see if we would go to nirvana.

Buddhist Temple

The audition was a spree into a acherontic pathway way down the modify of a big Buddha lapidarian out of wood. If you groped on the walls and touched a gold-bearing ring, next you are active to glory. Silly as it may sound, I fabric a concrete connotation of distillation after the exam. For in the heave blackness, ironically, it was as if being shone a beady feathery into my life-force. There was no way I could pelt from my deepest morality. (Of course, if you are wondering, Keiko and I are going to nirvana.)

Canal City

We orientated close to the glistering worldly world of Canal City, a hot walk near canals not far removed from the Venice wannabes in Las Vegas. Watching the old blossom on the panoramic frame of the cafe, "Sweet Museum", we knew it was instance to go home.

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