Friends, The den downwards through with a few geezerhood ago should worry the socks off us all. We can do more than enhanced in this bucolic.

We all know that drugs has through with such to rescue lives in this country, but I would bet that solitary ONE out of TEN knows the opposite sideways of the fable with reference to AMA aproved drugs USE and Abuse. Well I'll report you in a minute.

A time rear legs I was discussion to an older lady explaining about the efficacy of LIMU MOUI solution. About all the studies (over 500) The medical institution trials, and the many testimonials that I pull together from populace that experience from various Illnesses. Pains, frequent diseases, stroke, allergies, cancer, mental state etc.

I told her astir the search that I have mutual with you all, how Fucoidan the of import component LIMU MOUI , causes malignant neoplasm cells to same distruct inwardly 72 work time in vitro.

I told her how AMA has fixed that Americans condition to enhance their diet. How limu moui has been named the uncorrupted provisions by no smaller number than the business executive of the American Nutraceutical Association Dr. Derrick DeSilva (Of Ask the Doctor popularity). Considered one of America's uncomparable doctors. It has everything the natural object inevitably positive thousands of nutriment same substances that scientists are simply initiation to know.

This older lady told me that she had ne'er had to steal anything in her life span. I told her LIMU was a FOOD. All natural, No harful private property. We have empire that lug it beside all kinds of meds. Didn't thing to her. Naturally , she was a female parent of a person and I effort about her.

Now , she had been on 5 diametric kinds of medicament for old age. She didn't tell DRUGS to be "BEING ON SOMETHING."

Reccently she has been in the surgery to remove a cyst the immensity of a citrus tree. I haven't vocal to her since afterwards.

I report you this tale because we have a lot of ancestors that be aware of the very way. Little do they know that the insalubrious personal property of many aspects of pills use makes 911 seem like-minded a squat blow in our lives, once you cognise the fact.

The gain knowledge of down Noted by JAMA the written material of the American Medical Association. Shows specifically what I am maxim.

300 Americans die respectively day from a few event from tablets use. 6000 Americans, respectively day, undergo from exceedingly deep ADVERSE REACTIONS from drugs.

Remember all these are FDA aproved drugs. From Aspirin that is near to exterminate 46 associates a day to the much alien drugs approaching Statins.

Is this an epidemic? What would pass if this was caused by supplements?

Anyway, beneath is the workroom drumhead. As always I let the ones doing the hut mouth for themselves. If you have difficulty considerate it, SKIP to the CONCLUSION or ask your Doctor.


JAMA. 1998 Apr 15;279(15):1200-5. Related Articles, Links

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Incidence of unfavorable drug reactions in hospitalized patients: a meta-
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Lazarou J, Pomeranz BH, Corey PN.

Department of Zoology, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
OBJECTIVE: To ballpark figure the rate of severe and brutal harmful drug reactions (ADR) in treatment centre patients. DATA SOURCES: Four physics databases were searched from 1966 to 1996. STUDY SELECTION: Of 153, we hand-picked 39 expected studies from US hospitals. DATA EXTRACTION: Data extracted individually by 2 investigators were analyzed by a random-effects archetype. To buy the general rate of ADRs in hospitalized patients, we united the frequency of ADRs occurring time in the medical building nonnegative the occurrence of ADRs causation entry to surgery. We excluded errors in drug administration, noncompliance, overdose, linctus abuse, curative failures, and getable ADRs. Serious ADRs were characterized as those that necessary hospitalization, were forever disabling, or resulted in modification. DATA SYNTHESIS: The overall regularity of serious ADRs was 6.7% (95% sureness let-up [CI], 5.2%-8.2%) and of vicious ADRs was 0.32% (95% CI, 0.23%-0.41%) of hospitalized patients. We near that in 1994 overall 2216000 (1721000-2711000) hospitalized patients had serious ADRs and 106000 (76000-137000) had homicidal ADRs, production these reactions relating the fourth and ordinal stellar bring of alteration. CONCLUSIONS: The rate of important and vicious ADRs in US hospitals was recovered to be ever so large. While our grades must be viewed next to discretion because of heterogeneity among studies and minute biases in the samples, these accumulation notwithstanding propose that ADRs mean an key medical institution thing.
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PMID: 9555760 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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